Coming Up

Research workshop on 'Great Power Responsibility and Global Environmental Protection', LSE, 29 & 30 June 2018. Further details available here.

Panel discussion on 'A New Round of Financial Crises in Emerging Markets?', Chatham House, 18 July 2018.

LSE Summer School course IR120 Trade, Development and the Environment, 9-27 July 2018. Register here


"Warum ich jetzt Brite werde", Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 25.2.2018.

Panelist on "Globalisation: Winners and Losers" podcast for BBC World Service Newshour Extra, 7 July 2017.

Interviewed for "How Business Leaders Learn To Spot Global Trends And Avoid Fake News"Forbes, 21 June 2017.

Blog: "Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: what next for international climate policy?" International Affairs Blog, 5 June 2017.


Research updates

NEW: Falkner, Robert and Barry Buzan (2018), 'The Emergence of Environmental Stewardship as a Primary Institution of Global International Society'European Journal of International Relations, available in OnlineFirst.* 

*Winner of the 2018 ISA English School Section's Outstanding Research Paper in the 'Senior Scholar' category. 

NEW: Chan, Sander, Robert Falkner, Matthew Goldberg and Harro van Asselt (2018), 'Effective and geographically balanced? An output-based assessment of non-state climate actions', in: Climate Policy 18(1): 24-35.

NEW: Falkner, Robert (2018), ‘Climate change, political economy and global energy policy’, in: Handbook of International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources, ed. by Caroline Kuzemko, Andreas Goldthau and Michael F. Keating (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar), pp. 77-88.

Falkner, Robert (2017), ‘International Climate Politics between Solidarism and Pluralism: An English School Perspective’, in: Traditions and Trends in Global Environmental Politics: International Relations and the Earth, ed. by Hayley Stevenson and Olaf Corry (London: Routledge), pp. 26-44. 

Falkner, Robert and Helmut Anheier, guest editors (2017), 'Europe and the world: Rethinking Europe’s external relations in an age of global turmoil', special issue of International Politics 54(4).

Anheier, Helmut and Robert Falkner, guest editors (2017), 'Europe and the world: Global insecurity and power shifts', special issue of Global Policy 8(S4).

Falkner, Robert (2017), 'Rethinking Europe's external relations in an age of global turmoil: an introduction', International Politics 54(4): 389-404.

Falkner, Robert (2017), ‘The Anarchical Society and Climate Change’ in: The Anarchical Society at 40: Contemporary Challenges and Prospects, ed. by Hidemi Suganami, Madeline Carr and Adam Humphreys (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 198-215. 

Book review: Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy: 15 Contentious Questions, by Benjamin J. Sovacool, Marilyn A. Brown and Scott V. Valentine. LSE Review of Books, March 2017.

Falkner, Robert (2016) 'The Paris Agreement and the New Logic of International Climate Politics', International Affairs 92(5), September, pp. 1107–1125.* 

*Listen to my interview with Chatham House about my article on the Paris Agreement: International Affairs podcast.

Falkner, Robert (2016) 'A minilateral solution for global climate change? On bargaining efficiency, club benefits and international legitimacy', Perspectives on Politics 14(1), pp. 87-101.

Breggin, Linda, Robert Falkner, Read Porter, John Pendergrass and Nico Jaspers (2016), "Addressing the Risks of Nanomaterials under United States and European Union Regulatory Frameworks for Chemicals", in: Assessing Nanoparticle Risks to Human Health, 2nd edition, edited by Gurumurthy Ramachandran (Waltham, MA: Elsevier Science), pp. 179-254. 

Falkner, Robert (2015) 'International Negotiations: Towards Minilateralism', Nature Climate Change, vol. 5, no. 9, pp. 805-6. 

Chan, Sander, Robert Falkner, Harro van Asselt and Matthew Goldberg (2015) 'Strengthening non-state climate action: a progress assessment of commitments launched at the 2014 UN Climate Summit', Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Working Paper No. 242, London School of Economics, November. 


Robert Falkner

I am the Research Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and an Associate Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. At the LSE, I serve as the Academic Director of the TRIUM Global Executive MBA, an alliance between LSE, NYU Stern School of Business and HEC Paris. My research focuses on international political economy, global environmental politics, and the role of business in international relations. 

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