Coming Up

Dahrendorf Forum Public Debate, 'The European Union at the Crossroads: Brexit and After', LSE, 31 October 2016. 

Talk on 'The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Implications for Chinese and International Policy', Global China Dialogue, British Academy, London, 2 December 2016.


Falkner, Robert (ed) The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy (Wiley-Blackwell). - paperback edition to be published in September 2016 [link]

Falkner, Robert (2008) Business Power and Conflict in International Environmental Politics  (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) - paperback published in 2009.

Research updates

NEW: Falkner, Robert 'The Paris Agreement and the New Logic of International Climate Politics', International Affairs 92(5), September 2016 (forthcoming). [download]

NEW: Falkner, Robert (ed) The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy (Wiley-Blackwell) - paperback edition in September 2016. 

NEW: Falkner, Robert (2016) 'A minilateral solution for global climate change? On bargaining efficiency, club benefits and international legitimacy', Perspectives on Politics 14(1), pp. 87-101 [download]

NEW Breggin, Linda, Robert Falkner, Read Porter, John Pendergrass and Nico Jaspers (2016), "Addressing the Risks of Nanomaterials under United States and European Union Regulatory Frameworks for Chemicals", in: Assessing Nanoparticle Risks to Human Health, 2nd edition, edited by Gurumurthy Ramachandran (Waltham, MA: Elsevier Science), pp. 179-254.

Falkner, Robert (2016) 'Ralf Dahrendorf and the European Question', Dahrendorf Forum blog, 17 March. [link]

Falkner, Robert (2015) 'International Negotiations: Towards Minilateralism', Nature Climate Change, vol. 5, no. 9, pp. 805-6. [link]

Falkner, Robert: "Business involvement in climate negotiations has come a long way", LSE Business Review blog, 9 December 2015 [link]

Falkner, Robert: "The Road to Paris: Look beneath the surface for the new climate politics", Grantham Research Institute blog, 30 November 2015 [link]

Chan, Sander, Robert Falkner, Harro van Asselt and Matthew Goldberg (2015) 'Strengthening non-state climate action: a progress assessment of commitments launched at the 2014 UN Climate Summit', Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Working Paper No. 242, London School of Economics, November. [download]

Falkner, Robert, 'Tough trade-offs on the road to Paris: What hopes for a 2015 climate agreement?', LSE blog, 22 October 2014. [link]

Falkner, Robert (2014) ‘Global Environmental Politics and Energy: Mapping the Research Agenda’, Energy Research & Social Science, 1:1, pp. 188-197. [link]

Falkner, Robert (2013) 'The Crisis of Environmental Multilateralism: A Liberal Response', in: The Green Book: New Directions for Liberals in Government, edited by Duncan Brack, Paul Burall, Neil Stockley and Mike Tuffrey (London: Biteback Publishing), pp. 347-58. [download]

Falkner, Robert (2012) 'Global Environmentalism and the Greening of International Society', in: International Affairs, vol. 88, no. 3, pp. 503-22. [download]

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Robert Falkner

I am an Associate Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). My research focuses on international political economy, global environmental politics, and the role of business in international relations. I am the Co-Director of the Dahrendorf Forum and the Academic Director of the TRIUM Global Executive MBA, an alliance between LSE, NYU Stern School of Business and HEC Paris. I am also an associate of the LSE's Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and an associate fellow of Chatham House.