MSc International Political Economy

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Image credit: LSE

IR467/367: Global Environmental politics

This course offers is a half-unit option course that is available in Lent Term only. It offers an introduction to concepts and issues in the study of international environmental politics, with special emphasis on the political economy of environmental protection. Topics covered include: Environmentalism and the greening of international society; domestic sources of environmental diplomacy; environmental leadership in international negotiations; international environmental regimes and their effectiveness; the role of non state actors (business, NGOs); corporate environmentalism and business strategy; private environmental governance; international trade and environment; international finance and environment; international environmental aid; foreign direct investment and environment; climate change; ozone layer depletion; GMOs and biosafety; deforestation. 

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IR453: Global Business in International Relations

This course (available in Lent Term) examines the role of global business as an actor in international relations. It reviews the political and economic theories that seek to explain the rise of global business, paying attention in particular to International Relations and International Political Economy theories (realism, liberalism, Marxism), but also covering the main economic explanations of MNCs. Thereafter, the course examines the interaction between global business and states in international relations. This involves the study of corporate power and how to conceptualise it in IPE, the study of state-firm bargaining over investment decisions, and the regulation of global business by states and international governance institutions. The final part of the course considers the role that global business plays in selected global policy areas: economic development, environmental protection and human rights.

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IR470: International Political Economy

This course is the core course for MSc International Political Economy, co-taught by the IPE faculty in Michaelmas Term only.

It aims to introduce students to various approaches to the study of international political economy (IPE), and to apply theories to important contemporary empirical issues. The first part of the course introduces students to the main theoretical concepts in and analytical approaches to political economy, emphasising the overlap between international and comparative approaches. After surveying the main schools of thought in the subject, it examines more recent theoretical developments, including the comparative and domestic approaches that have become increasingly prominent in the literature. The second part of the course addresses contemporary issues related to multinational corporations, globalisation and developing countries. The third part of the course focuses on methodological approaches to international political economy, exploring research design and qualitative and quantitative methods. Previous background in international relations, international economics, comparative politics and history is helpful but is not a requirement. Students with no previous background in the subject should read Walter and Sen, 'Analyzing the Global Political Economy' (2009), Oatley, 'International Political Economy' and Ravenhill, 'Global Political Economy' by the end of the first term.

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